Announcing our new Cypher System GPT Foundry module which gets you direct access to an AI assistant that knows all the rules from the Cypher System SRD. You can Chat with it to get direct answers. Or select from some predefined Quick Prompts for Adventure Seeds or GM Intrusions! There’s even a fast Character Generator that you can quickly import directly into your game!

This is being powered by OpenAI’s GPT, our Lost Compress Press servers and built by the amazing mrkwnzl. We’re in beta and looking forward to your feedback and suggestions, but it works great right now.

Download from Foundry


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Do I need anything else to use this?

This is an add on module for the Foundry VTT so you’ll need to have that to run things.

You need to also to install the Cypher System to properly import the characters into your game.

How do I launch the Chat UI?

There’s a Robot button in the Token Control layer or the default keyboard shortcut Alt + S will bring up the chat window.

Is there a manual prompt to create a more specific character?

What are some good prompts to use?

  • Give me some random NPCs for a fantasy setting
  • Give me five ideas for GM Intrusions in social situations
  • Give me five ideas for GM Intrusions in combat situations
  • Give me five ideas for GM Intrusions in exploration situations
  • Give me a description of a pub in a sci-fi setting
  • How does Effort work
  • What are some foci appropriate for wizards
  • Show me the difficulty and target level table
  • What are some cyphers that help with defense tasks
  • Give me some random descriptions of cyphers in a techno-fantasy setting

Check out our Cypher System OpenAI GPT for more examples.

Does chat support multiple languages?

Yes, although the back end SRD content is in english, you can ask the GPT to translate it’s response or just ask your questions in whatever language you’re comfortable and it seems to do a good job in converting things. Let us know how that works for you!

Puedes crear algunas semillas de aventuras para un juego de ciencia ficción y devolver los resultados en español?

Claro, puedo proporcionarte algunas ideas para aventuras en un juego de ciencia ficción en español. Aquí tienes algunas semillas de aventura para inspirarte:

La Anomalía de Andromeda Los personajes son contratados para investigar una extraña señal proveniente de una estación espacial abandonada en la órbita de un planeta desolado. Al llegar, descubren que la estación esconde un portal a otra dimensión y deben decidir si explorar esta nueva frontera o sellar la anomalía antes de que algo peligroso la atraviese. …

What if I don’t have Foundry?

All of these features are also available on our Cypher Character Generator site. You can create and manage characters and you also have access to the GPT assistant through the site there. No additional software needed.

If you have a Pro account with OpenAI, you can also use our Cypher System OpenAI GPT


Is this free?

It’s free while we’re in beta!

Although there are some costs to hosting the servers and using the OpenAI service, we’re hoping that we can offset the costs of this service through overall support of our Character Generator site. If you want to encourage us to continue to provide this service we’d appreciate you sending a dollar our way.

Usage Policy

Please note that the access to this service is provided at our discretion. We reserve the right to modify, change, or terminate access to this service at any time without prior notice. Your continued use of this service following any changes signifies your acceptance of our terms.

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